There is nothing better than filling your home and outdoor spaces with plants galore, not only do you get instant aesthetic gratification but plants also come complete with so many incredible health benefits as well, it really is a win-win situation!

If you’re wanting to jump on board this trend for mass indoor and outdoor greenery (and we don’t blame you!!) then planters aplenty are essential purchases in your future. Choosing the right planter is not as basic a task as it sounds and there are a few details that should be taken into consideration before you embark on your planter buying journey. 

1. Plan Your Planter

Sure, you can just rush in and buy up all the planters in sight, which don’t get me wrong is all fun and games…until you get home and find the planter is too big/not big enough/the wrong colour for your space or plants you’re wanting to pot. Before you start purchasing it is best to sit down and consider the wheres, whats, and tasks of the planters you’re looking for.
Is it a statement piece you’re after? A basic slimline planter for your narrow verandah? Or something to sit in a plant stand or macrame hanger that needs to be nondescript? It is essential to work out the functionality of your planter and the space it needs to exist in your home.

2. Personality

The variety of planters on the market is vast and daunting and can be incredibly overwhelming when you seek to order one online without a solid concept of you and your homes personal style and aesthetic.

Think carefully about your style and your homes interior and exterior decor, is it a contemporary look you’re after or more of an antique aesthetic? Look for a planter that resonates with you, your home’s style, and overall, one that you love!

Schönn’s custom-made, wooden top, steel-frame Novalee planter box,  available in 8 different colours.

3. Size Matters

There is no point opting for those two gigantically oversized geometric, copper print planters if you live in a tiny apartment, it just wouldn’t be practical. The pots you choose need to be size-appropriate for your space but BE BOLD IN TERMS OF SCALE.

4. Get Composing

If you are wanting to fill your home interior or exterior with clusters of pots and planters then it is important to create cohesiveness within your pot composition to ensure a chic look rather than a random mess of higgledy-piggledy pots!

Always try to combine different textures and sizes in similar or complementary tones to create an interesting and varied display. A rule of three works best: three different sizes in three compatible textures within the same colour tone.

5. It's An Investment

If you’re looking for a hero piece or two then it is worth investing in good quality, statement planters and pots as they will last the test of time and are sure to become a feature piece in your interior or exterior.

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