Let’s talk about how to choose the perfect occasional chair! Occasional chairs can make or break the decor of a room! Choosing the perfect chair can add a layer of interest and style and a fresh look but choosing one that is not right can stick out like a sore thumb! But we can choose one that is perfect for our rooms with just a little savvy decorating know-how! Here’s how…

A great occasional chair can make a room look finished and adds a layer of beautiful decor.

Here are some smart questions to ask yourself so you can choose the perfect occasional chair for a room in your home!

Think About Use

How will you use an occasional chair? Will it get lots of use, will it primarily be decorative, will you read in it or watch tv?

If your chair will get lots of use make sure it has a sturdy construction and fabric that will hold up to wear.

If it’s mostly decorative design, style may be considered over construction. .

Think About Style

Do you want a club chair or a wingback? A trendy chair or a traditional one? What style will work with the decor you already have? Or do you want to bring a little fresh new look to your room? Do you want a patterned chair, a solid color, or a just-now graphic design? It’s important to know what style will fit into your room.

One thing that can make many of the occasional chairs in your home interchangeable is if they…

  • they work with the color palette in our home
  • have similar scale and proportion
  • and are very comfortable

Think about the style of the furniture in your home. Do you want the chair to compliment your primary style or do you want it to emphasize a second style in your home?

An occasional chair can add a bit of whimsy fun or sass to a room but it should not veer too much from your home’s style!

Think About Comfort

You will need to answer just one question when you want to know how to choose an occasional chair that is “just right”. It’s the Goldilock question! It cannot be too hard or too soft but just right! A chair needs to comfortable!

“Pretty” is important but comfort, when it comes to chairs you will actually use, trumps ‘pretty’ EVERY TIME! No one wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair! 

Think About Scale

Does the chair you are considering look like it “fits” into the room? Is it too big, too small, or perfect? Again, the Goldilock question pops up! And Goldilocks was right! A chair needs to be “just right”!

If it’s not a perfect fit for the rest of the room… walk away! Scale is as important as style and comfort!

Scale and proportion are very important design concepts to know!

Think About Placement

Do you have enough space in your room for an occasional chair?  Make sure you have enough space for another chair. You don’t want your room to look too crowded. If you really need extra seating try rearranging your furniture to make room for a small occasional chair.

Most home decorators tend to add too much to a room. A room needs to have negative space. In design, space is both positive and negative. It’s easy to think of negative space as empty space for all intents and purposes!

Just try taking away something from a room you are not all that thrilled about and rearrange the furniture. You will be shocked at what a little bit of space actually adds to a room.

The bottom line is making sure you have space in a room for another chair is smart decorating.

Think About The Existing Furniture In The Room

Does a chair you are considering work with the rest of the furniture in your room? Does the chair look like it belongs or does it look like it is just “visiting”? An occasional chair needs to add not only seating but design and style to a room. If it doesn’t, pass it up!

We talked about that when we talked about style, right?

Think About What To Add To The Chair

Once you have chosen a perfect occasional chair you need to ask what you will put on the chair.

Will your occasional chair stand alone? Can you add a cushion or throw? Will you be adding a side table and/or a lamp? Will you add art above the chair? Do you need a basket on the floor for books, magazines, or other things? 

Assess the extras you add to the chair by looking at the room as a whole.

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