How To: Customise Your Furniture With Schönn

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There are countless elements that make you, uniquely you. And we love helping you express your identity through our highly customisable collection. It’s all about helping you create a truly personal home that matches your style, budget and the way you live.

At Schönn we pride ourselves on offering you the ability to customise your Schönn furniture to suit your interior, style and budget. We stand for craftsmanship, uncompromising attention to detail and exceptional materials that lead your design vision to life. Each original Schönn item is custom-made by our skilled craftsmen to suit your preferences. At first, customising your Schonn product can seem slightly confusing, but not to worry, we’re here to help you design the perfect piece for your aesthetic interior.


Select Solid Wood, MelaWood® or Marble

Step 1 is a crucial step to customising your furniture as these three options will form the base material of your product. Here you have the ability to select your desired wood, MelaWood® or marble according to your unique style preferences. and budget. Your choice of solid wood can be left as it is in its natural texture and look, or you can add a finish to alter its appearance by a stain used with Rubio Monocoat in step 2 mentioned below.


Customise Your Furniture By Selecting Your Choice of Wood

Schönn provides you with 4 various wood options available:

1. White Oak

White Oak is a hardwood that is renowned for its toughness and durability. It is the strongest wood option available and therefore the most expensive wood option. Durable and rot-resistant, White Oak also boasts a naturally beautiful appearance featuring a fairly unique grain pattern with colours ranging from light beige through brown. If you are looking for the all-around best wood for your furniture, this is the one for you. White Oak is the best option to use if you plan to add a finish (Rubio Monocoat).

2. Kiaat

Kiaat is a durable and extremely stable wood, renowned for its great bug and termite resistance. As a softwood that is light in weight, Kiaat promises durability. Although not as expensive and strong as White Oak, Kiaat is still a high-quality wood that won’t disappoint. Renowned for its unique pattern and boasting a heartwood colour that can vary from golden brown to medium brown, Kiaat will exude opulence in your interior space. Kiaat cannot be stained by Rubio Monocoat.

3. Malaysian Oak

From the same family as White Oak (although not as durable), Malaysian Oak is a strong, sturdy, hardwood that is stable, with shrinkage and cracking kept to a minimum, making this choice a great option for furniture. Malaysian oak furniture has a clear mountain line and a good touch surface. Schönn’s Malaysian Oak has a beautiful blonde to medium tan colour with a finger-jointed appearance. Stains (finishes) will be not as great as White Oak.

shop side table nova online schönn south africa
Nova in White Oak
Sally in Malaysian Oak
Nellie Table in Kiaat

Customise Your Furniture By Selecting Your Choice of MelaWood®

MelaWood custom made furniture

MelaWood® is a man-made product where décor paper is bonded to either a BisonBord or SupaWood board’s surfaces under heat and pressure. The décor paper is printed with a pattern or colour, resulting in every MelaWood® board displaying consistent colouring and grain patterns. MelaWood® is a durable, scratch and moisture resistant surface that is easy to clean. It is important to note that no other finishes can be applied to MelaWood® as the below options serve as the final finish of the wood.

Each option below features MelaWood® with a glass-like surface called MelaWood® SupaGloss:

Azzano: White coloured base with marble lookalike accents with a gloss finish.

Iceberg White: A solid bright white colour with a gloss finish.

Super black: A solid black colour with a gloss finish.

Caldera: Black base colour with white accents in a marble lookalike design with a gloss finish.

Storm Grey: A solid dark grey colour with a gloss finish.

Dunblane Grey: A lighter grey colour with a gloss finish.

shop COFFEE table HANNAH online schönn south africa (2)
Hannah Table with Azzano MelaWood®
Harlow Console with Caldera MelaWood®

Customise Your Furniture By Selecting Your Choice of Marble

Marble is a gorgeous metamorphic rock representing ultimate luxury. Marble is a durable material that never goes out of style. Their inalterable colours last over time -it’s resistant to UV radiation and so it maintains its colour like the very first day. Marble is the perfect option if you’re looking for a long-term investment that you’ll love for years to come.

Marble Options include:

Marble light: White coloured base with beautiful darker marble accents.

Marble dark: Black base with white marble accents.


Select Your Finishes


Customise Your Wood With Finishes

These finishes can only be applied to our wood options (excluding MelaWood®). Schönn’s finish options alter the appearance of your chosen wood and therefore the finished product will look like the finish itself (and not the wood underneath). 

Finish options available: 

Super White: A very light beige/brown base with a slightly darker grain pattern. 

Solid Black: A solid black colour finish.

Chocolate: A rich, dark brown colour with a darker brown contrasting grain pattern.

Gris Belge: A slightly darker beige/brown base with a more overwhelming contrasting grey grain pattern.

shop console table caroline online schönn south africa (2)
Customised Caroline Table in White Oak with a Solid Black Finish
Sylvia Occasional Chair in Malaysian Oak with a Super White Finish

Customise Your Powder Coating Colour

Powder coating is the most durable finish for metal. The coating is heat-cured, resulting in a final product that is smooth and thick—spray painting doesn’t even compare. Powder coating is especially important for metal items used outside because of its durability. Powder coating ensures your desired item is environmentally safe, corrosion-resistant, chip-resistant, and requires less maintenance. All of Schönn’s original product’s steel components and structures, such as chair legs and mirror frames, have been powder coated to ensure longevity and durability.

shop mirror arch full length honey online schönn south africa
Honey Mirror with Gold Powder-coated Frame
round mirror shop online south africa
Customised Cara Mirror with a Black Powder-coated Frame
shop skyla rocking chair online schönn south africa
Skyla Rocking Chair with White Powder-coated Legs

Customise Your Fabric Options

Schönn offers a variety of indoor and outdoor materials to match your interior style and budget. Our range of outdoor material is weather-resistant and ensures easy cleaning. The majority of our items can be customised to suit your style – if we do not have any options that you like on our website, please don’t hesitate to WhatsApp us so our interior team can work collectively to find the perfect fabric for your dream item.

Sylvia Chair in Custom Grey Velvet
Sylvia Chair in Dark Blue Velvet
Sylvia Chair in Custom White Material


Design Your own Furniture

We pride ourselves on helping our customers create a personal home with our comprehensive in-home design service. If you’ve browsed our website and haven’t fallen utterly in love with one of our pieces, we invite you to design your own furniture with our consultant. Whether you have a minimalistic, bohemian, or industrial interior idea in mind, our excellent team of professionals will help you bring your dream design to life.

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