At Schönn, we strive to create bespoke, custom-made home furniture and decor with uncompromising attention to detail offering exceptional value for money. When we were contacted by South Africa’s beloved Fitness Girl whose love for minimalist bespoke furniture and supporting local steered her in our direction, a dream partnership was born. 

Tracey-Lee is an influencer and body-positive fitness personality, well known as The Fitness Girl. The Fitness Girl is an advocate for body positivity and shares her honest and vulnerable journey with her loyal community. Tracey-Lee is also an attorney and mental health warrior and advocates the hashtag #BeautyBeyondSize on social media. 

Last year Tracey-Lee and her partner, Dean moved into their dream apartment in the beautiful Green Point area of Cape Town, they have been working towards decorating and making each room their own. After discovering Schönn in late December last year, Tracey-Lee just couldn’t resist purchasing the Nyla Ladder for her home. Upon receiving the Nyla, Tracey-Lee was sold, and knew she wanted more bespoke Schönn furniture pieces in her home. Tracey-Lee has invested in 100% local brands to furnish and decorate her dream home and this partnership with Schönn is no exception

Schönn’s Nyla Ladder is the perfect accessory for any space in your home. Its decorative and functional element makes this versatile ladder a must-have in your home.

Tracey-Lee and her partner Dean reached out to us to assist in transforming their dining area into the interior of their dreams. They worked closely with our skilled consultants to formulate a customisation design to fit their home. Schönn assisted Tracey-Lee and Dean with product selection and wood and finishing selections to suit the style of their home.

The Dining Area

For the first wall in the dining room area, Tracey-Lee and Dean wanted to create a floating bar/shelving space, with beautiful floating shelves (steel and wood) and a console.

After a fun and creative session with our consultant, Tracey-Lee and Dean selected the Harlow Console Table and Sally Floating Shelves.

A striking PG Bison Super Black Melawood was selected for the Harlow Console Table while the Sally Floating Shelves were made from a rich white oak finish.

The Sally Floating Shelves makes use of sharp geometric shapes to create a sense of harmony and rhythm whilst still being visually stimulating. The use of these geometric shapes accentuates the focal point of the area, bringing your attention to the Harlow Console beneath. The matte-black powder coat treated welded steel evident in both the Harlow and Sally tie the two pieces together whilst the geometric accent of the square shelf on the left side of the Harlow continues the geometric element evident in the Sally Floating Shelves.

For the second wall, Tracey-Lee and Dean were looking to increase the natural light in their space while collectively adding depth and dimension. There is no better furniture piece to satisfy this criterion than Schönn’s bespoke collection of mirrors

The Harri Mirror was an easy choice for Tracey-Lee and Dean as it offered a beautiful wooden frame that could be customised to suit their space. Our consultant, Sanri advised customising the Harri with the same rich white oak finish as used in the Sally Floating Shelves in order to compliment the space and introduce a sense of uniformity.

We loved advising and consulting Tracey-Lee and Dean throughout the process of creating their dream dining room area. Are you ready to transform your interior space? Adorn your home with our proudly South African, custom-made products. Contact us today to make use of our comprehensive in-house design service to create or customise the furniture of your dreams to suit your taste, style, and budget.

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