Boucle: The Ultimate Luxe & Comfort Interiors Trend Of 2021

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Boucle: The Ultimate Luxe & Comfort Interiors Trend of 2021


No matter what you go for, any piece using Boucle fabrics is a luxe addition to any home.

Boucle is making a roaring come back and it comes as no surprise. Because, how could it not? A fashion mainstay – thanks to Chanel’s iconic skirts – has slid itself over into the interior world. And let me tell you, it’s a divine match that has us wanting everything covered in the beautifully inviting textures that Boucle brings.

What is Boucle fabric?

Taken from the French word, Bouclé translates to ‘curled’ or ‘looping’ which describes the curly nature of the fiber. Traditionally made of wool, and has since evolved using the same woven techniques with alpaca, merino, linen, silk, and cotton making the trend incredibly versatile, depending on your preference and budget.

As I say, it’s a come back meaning Boucle has had a place in our homes for a long time. Bored of smooth silky fabrics, mid-century modern designers flocked to Boucle as a way of bringing textures into interiors. And who do we thank for that? Eero Saarinen, of course. The designer behind the much-loved Womb Chair created for Florence Knoll, a beautiful design that undoubtedly achieved the brief: A chair that was like a basket full of pillows, something you could curl up in. 

The ultimate lux trend: Boucle

Today, the trend has become particularly popular in furniture and decor. Imagine curved, voluptuous furniture upholstered in soft textures. My honest appraisal of Boucle is that no matter what you go for, any item using Boucle fabrics is a luxe addition to any home.

Different hues in the living room

Personally, when I think of Boucle, I’m thinking creams or whites. In many ways, this is still the case but there are new designs coming out all the time thanks to the evolution of the trend and I’m here for it. Dark hues are a trend of 2021 and seeing it applied in Boucle has me falling hopelessly in love.

For the living room, choosing a sofa or an armchair upholstered with Boucle fabric combined with light wooden legs can bring a gorgeous sophisticated Scandinavian look and feel into the room. Whereas, if you’re wanting to go for the ultimate luxury purchase, Schönn has created an entire collection of Boucle chairs to adorn your living room, bedroom, or any space… and it checks every box. Comfort? Check. Stylish? Check. Unique? Definitely. Luxurious? Undeniably so.

Getting comfy in the home office

Starting off small and thinking about how to bring Boucle into your home? A simple way, that will no doubt make you feel like royalty after a day’s work is by adding a Boucle chair into your home office. Brass legs or a swivel chair upholstered with Boucle fabric will make a stunning addition, and offer comfort that no plastic chair could ever compete with.

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