Buying Tips For Black Friday Furniture Deals

Buying Tips For Black Friday Furniture Deals

After Halloween, Christmas products and decorations become visible in shops, stores, commercials, and advertisements. Radio stations start to play Christmas songs, but what gets people excited is the traditional “Black Friday.”

Black Friday has slowly become one of the most important shopping days in South Africa. The term “Black Friday” started in the 60s that signifies the start of the Christmas shopping season. On this day, retailers offer big discounts on several items, as a huge crowd awaits this big day to shop for items.

A big number of items are sold at discounted prices and one of these is furniture. So if you plan to completely change your current furniture or would like to add some new pieces, take advantage of the great Black Friday deals offered by us this year.

Before you start shopping our expertly crafted furniture for up to 50% less, go over our list of questions to ensure you’re purchasing the right items for your home.

How much available space do you have?

Your available space will determine the size and quantity of furniture you should purchase. If you have a small space, multi-purpose furniture would be a good choice. Colour is another thing to consider, as there are colours that can make your space look bigger. Alternatively, you cannot just buy any furniture to fill in your big space. You need to buy bigger furniture instead of having plenty of small pieces to avoid a scattered look. 

At Schönn we offer complete customisation on all our products so that they suit your colour scheme and space.

Who will use the furniture?

This pertains to the furniture type, where you need to consider the users’ preference. The width, height, and depth of a couch, length, and width of a bed, the fabric, style, colors, material are some of the things to check.

Click here to customise dimensions on any Schönn pieces.

Where will you use the furniture?

Where you want to place the furniture plays an important role in your purchase. This will help you to evaluate exactly what furniture you need. Although modern furniture is made to be versatile, you still need to evaluate the pieces that you need. For example, if the furniture is intended for the patio, choose furniture that can withstand any kind of weather condition. 

Schönn offers indoor or outdoor material for many of our pieces.

What colours are attractive to you?

Colours do not only make a space look bigger or smaller. It also sets the mood in the room. Colour affects our disposition, so ensure to choose colours that are to your liking and those that encourage a good mood to set the atmosphere in the room adequately.

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