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Our Artists

Fine Art Photographer

Welcome to the creative world of fine art photographer Martin Osner, an artist who considers a camera as merely another instrument on the workbench of art.  By combining photography with mixed media and by using unique in-camera techniques, this award-winning and internationally recognised artist has created the most incredible portfolio of fine art prints, an inspiration, and a joy to behold.

Fine Art Photographer

Samantha Lee Osner, the daughter of award-winning fine art photographer, Martin Osner, has successfully followed in her father’s footsteps. Passionate about art, Samantha’s photographic prints exude elegance, femininity with a minimalistic touch.

As the daughter to a fine art photographer, I grew up surrounded by; cameras, lenses, studios and darkrooms, so it seems as if my fate was inevitable. I was interested in art at an early age, but it is only in my later teens that I started to acquire a taste for photography, and later embraced the creative with open arms. To me, photography is all about capturing the beauty of a moment and making it last forever, a single instant in time that can never be repeated.


In our work, we strive to convey emotion and design rather than illustration. With its power to transform a subject in a split second, light for us is the magical ingredient. Equally, we are obsessed with photography and its potential to modernize interior decor and its power to completely transform a room.


In this collection we have curated bespoke prints that compliment the elegance and timeless design of Schönn furniture within a modern simplistic lifestyle.

As father and daughter, we are truly blessed to be able to share this creative world together and we trust you are going to enjoy this portfolio of fine art prints we have selected for you.

Bespoke prints that compliment the elegance and timeless design of Schönn furniture within a modern simplistic lifestyle.

South African Artist And Interior Designer

With a diploma in interior design, a love for art, and a natural eye for all things beautifully created, Eddy has driven a number of successful businesses throughout her career, designing beautifully elaborated pieces from a wide range of materials, with quality and uniqueness as her guiding principles.

Her inspiration for some of her most recent interior collections come from her many travels exploring notions of portraits, cultures and colours.

Unique designs hand-painted by Eddy Ferro and printed onto luxurious velvet creating a superior quality finish synonymous with a Schönn lifestyle.