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Brick Modular Candle Holder (1 Piece)


DESIGN STUDIO STRÖM From studies on how things join together, Studio Ström created Brick, a modular candle holder with a simple repeating geometric shape. Stacked together, Brick can be made into both small and large arrangements. Cast from brass, each module slots into the next to become not only a larger installation of candles but also a piece of sculptural decor in and of itself. Drawing on the past, Brick follows in the tradition of modular candle holders. Its generous design gives the gift of form-giving to people from Studio Ström. Studio Ström was founded in 2016 by the Swedish industrial designer Christian Sjöström and the interior architect Elina Bergström. With a holistic approach, they develop spatial solutions, furniture and objects meant to be used and experienced over time. Their process of experimentation with form and material combined with function-driven prototypes leads the duo to create unique designs in which aesthetics and rationality interplay.

Lead Time: Please note this item has a special lead time of 4 weeks.

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Dimensions 12.7 cm
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