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While our team of skilled craftsmen prepare your order, please double-check the details below and let us know if anything needs to be changed. All custom items have a lead time of 4-8 weeks, as your purchase is made by hand with the utmost love and care, especially for you!

Our team will email you during week 6 with a personalised update on the delivery of your dream furniture.

Please see the production timelines for custom orders below:

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Last day purchases for 2022 policy:

Dates to keep in mind:

Cut off date: 9 October 2022

Closing date: 20 December 2022

Opening date: 9 January 2023

Why do we have a cut off date? The furniture industry is obligated to close for the December period  based on the Furniture bargaining council info which falls under the labour act of South Africa. Our closing date for 2022 will be on the 20th of December 2022 and we will re-open on the 9th of January 2023. With the last orders being placed on the 9th of October, it gives the Schönn team enough time to get all orders done in time before we close and to get all items to our customers before the end of the year.

Why do we have such long lead times? As a small company, we still rely heavily on smaller suppliers when it comes to glass, upholstery, powder coating and more. Our suppliers have their own lead times that we need to adhere to. These lead times enables us to have enough time to order the different materials needed to manufacture the items and it also leave provision for any damages that may accrue during suppliers deliveries or items arriving not up to standard.

What is our lead times? Our lead times for items varies between 6 to 12 weeks. This varies due to the type of item and/ or if it is a customized requested item by the customer via email. If you unsure about your items lead time, please email the team

Last order date? Our last order date for the year will be 9 October 2022. We will make special exceptions for order after the 9th of October based on the order value, items needed and based on our current work load. Please contact our team via email or give us a call on 0663010035 to discuss urgent orders needed. Please note, while a special exception can be made, we have a cut off date for a reason, and therefore we cannot guarantee that the items will definitely be made on time.

Where can I see my item lead times? On our website, under each product, the lead time will be showed. Please visit

Can I still place orders after the cut off date? Yes you can! However, if no special exception or arrangements are made, please only expect your items to arrive in 2023. When ordering after the 9th of October, please keep in mind that your lead times will have to include the 3 weeks that we are closed. Example 1: order date: 10 October 2022, couriers collection date: 12 january 2023 (depending on product lead time). Example 2: order date: 19 December, couriers collection date: 20 February 2023 depending on product lead time) Example 3: order date:31 December 2022, couriers collection date: 20 February 2023 (depending on product lead time)